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About Holly Tree 

What Makes Us Different

Holly Tree Collective recognizes the importance of connection and community in the development of resiliency. As such, we operate in an integrative team model, founded on the belief that collaboration allows the whole to truly be greater than the sum of its parts.


Each clinician within our Collective has a unique blend of knowledge, skills, and abilities to facilitate the therapeutic process; our goal is to provide clarity and support on the path to healing for you or your loved one.


What We Do

We offer personalized care for individuals and families including individual therapy, family/couples therapy, art therapy, and meal support, thus allowing you to select which service(s) best fit your needs. Our providers have extensive experience within eating disorder treatment and behavioral health. Consultation services are also available upon request.


Why We Do It

While Holly Tree Collective grew from a shared passion for helping families and individuals impacted by eating disorders and disordered eating; we are equally invested in the wellness of the individual and of our community. Anyone struggling with a mental health diagnosis (e.g. anxiety, depression, OCD) or those who could benefit from an hour a week to process life, can find support and growth here.

Holly reminds us of the need to [soothe] our emotions, if we are to reach wise decisions about our situation. The often painful consequences of our actions are brought to the surface for examination, and calm acceptance of our responsibility is required. We are reminded of the need to view ourselves, as well as others, in the light of compassion and unconditional love.

~from The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford


Areas of Focus 

Feeding and Eating Disorders 

Explore your relationship with food, weight and shape. Our clinicians can support you or your loved one in the recovery from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, ARFID, and disordered eating. We support Health at Every Size (HAES) and an all foods fit treatment philosophy.  

Mood Disorders 

Depression, anxiety and OCD can be challenging to face alone, we can help you develop skills to face these disorders and better navigate scenarios where these are most present or intrusive. 

Emotional Wellness 

Nothing has to be "wrong" to benefit from a therapeutic relationship. Our providers can support intrapersonal growth and processing to help you feel most aligned with your true self. 

[LGBTQIA+ and Race-Based Stress Informed]

Trauma Disorders 

Trauma shapes how we see ourselves and our world. You deserve to feel safe and secure in your mind, body, and environment. There are practical, evidenced based approaches to healing from trauma and mitigating the disruptive symptoms associated with these painful experiences

Family/Couples Therapy 

We believe healthy relationships can be cultivated and strengthened through clarity in expectations, advocacy, and compassion. Our clinicians can support the development of your relationships by supporting individual and collective insight.

Care for the Caregiver 

We offer parent/spouse coaching in support of the family system and struggling loved one. Our goal is to support families and clients in transition across levels of care and in gaining a better understanding of the various levels of care.

We are enthusiastic about speaking with educators or PTA groups to increase community awareness about mental health and eating disorders.

Kind Words From Our Patients.

“The services provided by Holly Tree were a game-changer for my emotional health. The benefits of our continued sessions have allowed me to feel sound both mentally and physically.”

- Ryan N.


Services You Can Book Now

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Initial Intake 

The intake assessment allows our clinician to better understand where you have been and where you hope to go in the therapy process. We will get to know your history, presenting concerns and develop treatment goals together. The first session offers an in depth view at what is important to address in our time together.

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Individual Sessions 

We are able to offer flexible scheduling with each of our clinicians for follow up after the intake. Recommendations on frequency will be made with your schedule, needs, and goals in mind.

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Family Support

Our clinicians can help you navigate the unknown and discuss scenarios unique to your experience. We are happy to provide a free 30 minute consult to help you determine the next steps for your needs. Each clinician offers additional consults/case coordination for a fee that can be discussed as needed.

In Person Locations 

Some providers offer in person sessions, please check with your preferred provider to confirm if in person or virtual sessions are available.  

Location Options:

1875 Campus Commons Drive                                                     54 East Lee St

Suite 225, Reston VA 20191                                                         Suite 100, Warrenton VA 20187


Contact Us 


Ashley Steelman, MA, LCSW 

Kate Walker, ATR-BC, LPC

Julie Criner, LPC, CEDS






Erin O'Brien, LCSW, CEDS

(571) 314-2082

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